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Started in 1997 by the family De Ceuster as subsidiary company of their already existing company (renting out building machines and building cranes). This new company sells only to resellers as wholesale trade as well as the import for materials from abroad. Since there is more activity in this company there came more own capital. Today this company is not only a strong branch within the De Ceuster Empire but she acts now mainly intended as an investment group for self erecting building cranes for rent the renting market within the activity of the De Ceuster Group. This company is also the leasing company within the whole group. Now with this last service the group De Ceuster can offer customers a whole package going from selling tiny building machines and material accessories to for filling a leasing for a self erecting building crane with a suitable service. Off course at the moment they still work hard for a reliable but well-considered dealer network for building machines of all kind. With the company ItalMachines nv the family De Ceuster will give dealers the chance to do the things they are good, after sales service off course. The dealer can do his job without thinking about his stock capacity.

In the year 2008 ItalMachines nv has a permanent stock of € 750.000,00 of all kind machines and materials. They have a covered warehouse of approximately 3.000 m2 with buildin showroom, hard area and an own repair unit. At the moment they have a renting possibility of 25 self erecting building cranes which are of a very young age (maximum 3 years). The most of these renting cranes will be sold after a wile to a long period tenant who pays the purchase option.

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